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The currently un-named Camaro from Callaway is due on the market shortly, and it’s hard not to get excited about a supercharged LT1 engine (which is reportedly still being tested). Currently known by the placeholder name of SC600, the Super-Camaro will likely get its final designation once the final power numbers are available – Callaway currently siting simply that it will be ”well over” 600 horsepower.

SC622 emblems on the latest released snapshots indicates a 622bhp power output, which would be a boosted 30% increase on the 455 bhp stock LT1 engined V8 variant. Utilising a similar supercharged setup as found on the our personal favourite Callaway creation; the 760bhp Corvette Z06, the new engine includes a TVS supercharger, 30% larger than the  one in place on the Corvette Z06.

As seen in Callaways of the past, the supercharger receives cool, direct, clean airflow by sitting by an opening in the bonnet.  Three intercoolers and a cold air intake complete the roaring v8 and it’s ticking all the right boxes to becoming an instant hit!

2016 Callaway Camaro SC600 02


Although we won’t see them on Australian shores just yet, a few are bound to hit the import market. Retailing at $54,000, it’s a safe bet that if they do come up on the used market, taking into account the conversion to the right side of the road – you can expect them to fetch many times that for the forseable future. The tuner’s modifications however do maintain the factory three year warranty – maybe this is a snippet on what’s to come following Holden’s manufacturing exit. We can always hope…