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If there’s one thing that Bugatti don’t do well, it’s blend in to the background. Far from marred in subtlety, the Chiron is no exception. Unless, of course, you consider four turbo chargers, 16 cylinders, 3 million dollars and speeds in excess of  415kph something un-noteworthy. As you’d expect, the Bugatti Chiron hypercar is grabbing headlines this Geneva Motor Show season.

“And of course, all these [HVAC] systems continue to perform reliably even at speeds significantly over 400 km/h [249 mph].”


 But at least you’ll be perfectly cooled whilst doing it!

“With the Chiron, Bugatti has made the best even better.” 

Geneva never fails to excite. Bold words, and somewhat a statement of intent. Not that I’m sure such barrage of emotive lyrics are needed against the soundtrack of the sheer look of the thing. I mean, just look at it. Even as a photo it leaps out of the screen, gives you whiplash and stirs up the sort of emotion that I recall from the first time I discovered the internet without content filters.


Just like the Veyron, the Chiron inhales the sort of air volumes that are usually reserved for machines that fly through the air when at full chat. That is, 60,000 litres per minute. OK not quite the 1.2 tonnes / second of a 747 but still no mean feat. And speaking of bewildering volumes, the ”high performance” coolant pump, keeps the power plant chilly by circulating almost 1000 litres of coolant around the engine in just a minute. The Turbo chargers have their own independent cooling loop. Why you ask? Because the Engine’s cooling loop has a mammoth task of circulating the entire engine and three radiators once every three seconds.

Whilst the car has a certain Volkswagen – esque efficiency to its design, the meaner stance is stunning, and in every way an improvement over the Veyron’s slightly less offensive facade.


Bugatti also made a point of noting that “If all the fibres used in the monocoque were laid out end to end, they would stretch nine times the distance between the earth and the moon.” Following the trend of carbon monocoque technology, the Chiron promises to be stiff yet ‘light’. For a behemoth. However Bugatti have worked some wizardry and engineered a means for airbags to be able to operate through a carbon-fibre casing as opposed to plastics found in a mere mortal car.

2017 Bugatti Chiron

“Thanks to the new asymmetrical design, the brake caliper can dissipate an extraordinary amount of braking energy. It also looks like a small work of art.”

2017 Bugatti Chiron


..and with it comes a new definition to ”hypercar”


The attention to detail is sublime with everything bar the Chiron’s front grille being subject to an intensive weightloss boot camp. Even the headlights sport carbon fibre trimming. The interior is simply sumptuous, with lashings of carbon fibre and leather dripping from every angle; and it’s even practical. Kind of. You can now have the pleasure of fitting an aircraft cabin approved-sized holdall in your Chiron (Why fly when you can. Erm. Fly!) Although let’s face it – you’re not going to be going anywhere where you’ll want to get out of THIS interior.


Not filled with enough opulence? How do one-karat diamond membranes in the speakers sound? Unable to even different internal materials.

So far Bugatti have not failed to stun; and I for one simply cannot wait to see some more in depth rolling action.

Whereas the Veyron instilled feelings of animalistic lust and desire, the Chiron is already attracting love, awe and broken hearts..

First impressions? Simply amazing.