Don’t get too excited. It’s the time of the year where the Speciality Equipment Market Association Show – or, SEMA if you’re short on syllables – heads to Las Vegas.

You will remember the 370Z N-Sport. Some colours and stripes isn’t really enough to revive an ageing platform and it amassed even a few groans on release if the Nissan Facebook page is anything to go by. But there is good news.

Renowned for some ridiculous exhibits, SEMA showcases one off, fully kitted versions of street cars. Nissan, this year are displaying their Project Clubsport 23. From initial views it looks like a 370z that has been used as an extra in the Fast and the Furious series – not that that’s a bad thing. Nissan however, describe it as a “rolling parts development platform”. The aim is to combine modern tech with Z heritage and reportedly, the end goal is to sell all of the parts on this car through Nissan Dealerships. I for one – am excited about the concept.

Don’t go thinking this is all bumper bars and spoilers, beneath the skin there are some tasty modifications. The standard NISMO 3.7 v6 motor has been ripped out; and a VR30DDTT has been implanted. That’s a 3 litre v6. Oh, with two turbos, just like in the Infinity Q60. That means it is much newer than the somewhat dated standard engine. This also means that power is upped to 400bhp and if most Japanese turbo sports cars are to go by – much more if you’re so inclined. This is all mated to a manual gearbox, unlike in the Infinity. The standard gearbox from Nissan’s in-house tuning department has been fettled and hooked up to a two-way, cooled, limited slip-differential.

If that wasn’t enough, throw in some 18 inch Rays wheels, wrapped with Hankook RS4 rubber which enclose some up-rated brake pads connected with stainless steel brake lines. Eibach springs work along side some KW V3 coilovers to enhance handling and the interior is awash with Sparco components lurking amongst a roll cage.

The Gloss Burnt Orange paintwork is stunning and contrast with carbon accents. Although unconfirmed, Nissan have coyly hinted to a number of tuning packages to help owners of 370z’s build their ultimate track car – we think it is very promising – and would love to see a factory floor edition. A sort of 370z-R, if you will!


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