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We’ve frequently said that the likes of Kia and Hyundai are becoming increasingly formidable and if a report from Autocar is anything to go by, Kia are stepping up to the mark sooner rather than later!

The new Coupe rumoured to be called the Kia GT may debut later this year, blazing the trail for other GT-badged vehicles from the Korean marque, including a hot flavour of the Kia Rio.


Kia first made a serious statement of intent during the 2014 Detroit auto show, when the radical GT4 Stinger concept car emerged. Promises of a rear wheel drive, turbocharged, 315 horsepower, 2 litre, 4 cylinder platform indicated Kia’s interests in emerging as more than just a budget car pusher. And frankly, whilst some refinement would go a long way to giving it the polished, aggressive look of a mustang or a GTR, you can’t help but admire the out of the box approach, reaching out to a new demographic of affordable performance punters.



Whilst precious little is known about the GT at this point, Kia did go on record to tell us that they believe the Front/Rear layout is essential for a sports car. The sort of revolutionary thinking (at least as far as Kia’s are concerned!) that gets us very excited!
It is widely envisioned that the GT will find its stomping grounds somewhere between the fun-but-perhaps-lacklustre Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86 and more peppy 370Z’s, entry spec Mustangs et al.
If the GT takes the slightest of cues from the GT4 Concept, it will be a big step for Kia, building on the sportier advances made by the Kia Pro Cee’d GT (which, coincidentally, as far as budget hatches are concerned, we’re pretty impressed by!)
Exciting times ahead, the Paris Motorshow in October should bring some interesting developments!