So, unless you happen to live under a rock or in a network of un-powered caves somewhere – chances are you’ve heard about Tesla’s latest showstopper – the Cybertruck. Tesla and Elon Musk aren’t one to shy away from the limelight and with the eventful launch, that doesn’t appear to be something that will change.

Now it’s fairly obvious that the final product will differ from what we see today. Noted to be styled after the Lotus Esprit, the wedge shape wouldn’t look out of place in a RoboCop Movie. It has a Cyberpunk feel to it, and truly looks like something out of a childhood doodle book in the 80’s or 90’s. The future, today sort of thing. And I love it.


Now, I’m under no disillusions that the final product simply won’t look this extreme. The wheels poke out from under the arches, something that the highway patrol will litter defect notices at for sport. Then there are no wing mirrors which obviously won’t be the case. The beauty of ‘concepts’ is that you can afford these slanted views on reality. Tesla’s approach however is one of more of a ”working prototype” where the concept is a product well and truly destined for fruition and the development process is in swing.

And then there’s the simple geometry of the thing. Angles of more than 25 degrees generally are a no no, thank pedestrian safety requirements for that, after all it looks like it would make light work of giving giving someone a waist separation at any speed.  The toughened glass will likely have to come with some sort of safety feature that allows emergency access as well as allows it to not become dislodged and slice a bystander into pieces should it break free.

But it all lands in a melting pot of possibility and imagination which is hard to capture for a car that is already taking orders. And that doesn’t do it for you, perhaps the various videos floating around of it making child’s play of a Ford F-150 in a Tug-of-war will.

The Specs alone paint an interesting picture too. Complete with air suspension providing up to 16″ of ground clearance, the Tesla will be available in three configurations. You can opt for a single motor, RWD unit capable of a 0-100 sprint in 6.5 seconds, and go for around 400 kilometers. Next up you can hit up the AWD dual motor unit which knocking the sprint down to just 4.5 seconds and ups the towing capacity from 3.5 to 4.5 tonnes with a 560 km range. For the real adventurer, the tri-motor version is capable of 2.9 seconds to 100kph, whilst sporting a 800 mile range and towing capacity of over 6.3 tonnes.

A utility / truck which will out sprint a GTR or Lambo, clear an embankment, all whilst carrying your camping gear before you hitch it up to the boat.


And on an emotive level, if it looks remotely like the concepts – it will turn heads whether you love it or hate it. A perfect work truck then, whichever way you cut it.

We look forwards to how this one proceeds!